The basic theme of this issue is the problem of the Russian - American relationships in questions of nature resources development in the Northern Pacific. The block of the materials named "The Sea of Discord" is dedicated to them.

The present - day and historical problems like pothunting of seals ("Ballad about three sealcatchers" R. Kipling), trading "The history of contacts", first meetings "On the eve of the "cold" war", amazing cases of our antecedents life "Flatfish with nuclear stuffing". We continue publishing of the materials concerning theme "Sea or Oil" and also about other ecological problems of the Northern Pacific ("Green protection", Commander Islands without Seals", "About ecological system of the Bering Sea", "Sea animals thank reforms" and etc..

In columns "Cities of the Northern Pacific" and "Peoples of the Northern Pacific" we acquaint readers with the fishery capital of the Northern Pacific - Seattle and the most ancient natives of the Northern Pacific coast - Kamchadals (intel'men).

The Sea of Discord (analytical review of Russian and American press)
Sergey Vakhrin
Russia may Lose One Alaska More
B. Vinogradov
USSR - USA agreement of 1990 must be reviewed
A. Levchenko
S. Vakhrin
The Bering Sea Epopee
Northern Pacific: History Of Contacts
People Without The Sense Of Patriotism Can Defile Any Project
Vladimir Kuramin
Chairman of the State Committee of the Russian Federation on problems of the Development of the North

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