Trawler Wars, or Fraud of XX Century:

№ 1

“Torpedo for “Super” — article of Oleg Klimenko (“Golden Horn”, Vladivostok) about the history of 14 Spanish-built supertrawlers, which become the base for AO Super Ltd. (12 trawlers) and “Dalímoreproduct” (3 trawlers). President of Dalímoreproduct Holding Company Yury Didenko got with help of Nazdratenko (Didenko financed the elections of the governor of Primorsky region.) all Spanish-built supertrawlers of AO Super Ltd. This deal is still considered illegal.

№ 2

“Fishing No Refusing” — a public inquiry to chairman of The State Fisheries Committee of Russia (Goskomrybolovstvo) Yury Sinelnik about giving out licences for pollack fishery in the Bering Sea by Spanish-built supertrawlers despite of the Fishery laws and the directions of a Goskomrybolovstvo chairman.

№ 3

“Demand for order”and Fishery Should Be Suspended — the wires of fishermen from a pollack expedition in the sea of Okhotsk with a demand to forbid fishery in the sea to Spanish-built supertrawlers, fishing out the last remains of the Okhotsk sea pollack; and answer of The State Committee of Fisheries concerning suspending of fishery of Spanish-built supertrawlers up to the settling a matter with the Ministry of Finances and External Economic Bank regards the repayment of money from the fishery activity to the Russian budget.

№ 5

“A Fraud Of The Century” — in such a way chairman of The State Committee of Fisheries Yuri Sinelnik characterized the building of ber-boat charter ships for Russia by “Roscomflot”. There were 79 built in all, 30 of which were gone without leaving a trace, the rest went to different commercial structures and used Russian fishing resources free of charge; they have not settled with the budget of Russia on its promissory notes to ship makers since 1993.

№ 6

“The Great Helmsman Stands His Trick Again” — article of “Arseníevskie vesti” (Primorye) continuous to speak about the purchase and use of blue fishing squadron of Spanish trawlers by Dalímoreproduct and about the president of DMP Holding himself: “Will the proper trap for this sly claw be found?”
Sterkoders: provide benefit or “mill” quotas? — a talk with chairman of Sakhalinrybakkolkhozsoyuz management Eugeny Yarygin, using berboat — charter fleet.
“Positive And Negative Sides Of A Bare-Boat Charted Fleet” — the experience of use of this fleet in the Murmansky region.

№ 7

““Sterkoders” Hold Economy of Akros Ltd.” — an interview with director general of Kamchatka Fishing company “Akros” about berboat-charter fleet and the possibility of its competent exploitation in Russian interests. “Akros” is the only fish-processing company of Russia, which has not been led by foreigners and made them took the rules of their own.