If Keep within Law:

№ 1(52)

“Honest Fish, Pure Money” — a new project of “TV” editorial staff.
“To Somebody in Government…, or Yuri Didenko Raises to Fight with Corruption in Fish Industry of Russia”
“Corruption Threatens National Interests” — an interview with chairman of The State Duma Security Committee Alexander Gurov.
“Organization of Conservation of Kamchatka region Fishing Resources” — maiden speech of director of fishing guard department of Kamchatrybvod Alexei Bibko on The Co-ordinating Meeting of Law and Guard Leaders.
“Big Catches of “Akros” and Small Tricks of “Kamchatskoye Vremya” — reporters have to indemnify “Akros” for moral damage.

№ 2(53)

“First Acquaintance with New ADC” — in July new Administrative Delinquencies Code comes to power.

№ 3(54)

“First Acquaintance with New ADC” — chapters of a new Administrative Delinquencies Code, concerning rights of fishing guard bodies.

№ 4(55)

“First Acquaintance with New ADC” — new Administrative Delinquencies Code (finishing).
“Kamchatka Gets Ready to Referendum” — the material about what referendum is and what it is usually held for.

№ 5(56)

“Bering Sea Depression” — finishing.