№ 1, January, 27th, 2000

“Tikhookeansky vestnik”: First Issue of Front Fishing Newspaper. The first issue of “Tikhookeansky vestnik” is of test and special character, because we can not keep silence — Far-Eastern fishing regions have been declared a war. The war for possession of fishing resources.
Expansion of Primorye fishing oligarchs:
“Fishing Resources — to Regions, Taxes — to Local Budget” — information about the collective letter of governors of Khabarovsk, Kamchatka and Sakhalin regions to prime-minister of Russia Mikhail Kasyanov about the encroachments on the fishing quotas of governor of Primorsky region Eugeny Nazdratenko.
Governor of Primorye and Dal知oreproduct Holding Company Declare War to Far-Eastern Fishing Regions” — information selection about the encroachments of the governor of Primorye and the chief fishing oligarch of the Far East on fishing resources of the rest Far-Eastern fishing regions.
Trawler Wars, or Fraud of XX Century:
“Torpedo for “Super” — article of Oleg Klimenko (“Golden Horn”, Vladivostok) about the history of 14 Spanish-built supertrawlers, which become the base for AO Super Ltd. (12 trawlers) and “Dal知oreproduct” (3 trawlers). President of Dal知oreproduct Holding Company Yury Didenko got with help of Nazdratenko (Didenko financed the elections of the governor of Primorsky region.) all Spanish-built supertrawlers of AO Super Ltd. This deal is still considered illegal.
Dal知oreproduct: Traitor of Russian Interests in Nothern Pacific: “DMP Opened Doors Wide” — article of E. Itarov (“Golden Horn”, Vladivostok) about how Dal知oreproduct Holding Company gave a way to Greek multimillionaire Laskaridis to the Russian economic zone;
“Our Flag Became “Convinient” — publication of “Novie Izvestia” (Moscow) about how Dal知oreproduct Holding Company misappopriated the trawlers, which in fact belonged to Laskaridis.
If Keep within Law:
“Confiscation — Exclusive Right of Court” — the analysis of causes why Russian fishing control structures (the Federal frontier guard service, the Ministry of natural resources, Goskomrybolovstvo) are interested so much in confiscation of fish, caught illegally, while according to the Russian legislation the confiscation is only possible after the court verdict.