№ 2(53), January, 24th , 2001

Trawler Wars, or Fraud of XX Century:
“Would Be “a Fraud of Millennium”? That’s Hardly the Word…” — the material continues the theme of “blue” supertrawlers, coming back to Russia again.
Fee for Right to Fish:
“Referendum — Last Hope” — repeated appeals to the highest instances regards “fishing auctions” have been ignored. Referendum still remains the last hope of fishing regions.
Kamchatka Is Given Up:
“Stand From Under!” — “Everyday News” (Vladivostok) informs that all efficient naval fleet of Kamchatka and Chukotka will be moved to Soviet Gavan already in spring this year.
Announcements of Conferences:
“Save Pollock!” — the announcement of The Sixth North Pacific Rim Fisheries Conference, which will be held this year in May.
Scientific Debates and Prognoses:
“Directions to Captains of Fishing Vessels about How Not to Be Discharged” — based on work of Vladimir Burkanov “Whales-Spongers”.
State and Fishing Industry:
“Edinstvo” — Against Fishermen?” — governmental fraction “Edinstvo” has voted against fish bills.
“Council of Federation Protects Interests of Fishermen!” — on December, 26th the members of Council of Federation sent an appeal to President of Russia with the request to consider the question of situation in fishing industry once more.
If Keep Within Law:
“First Acquaintance with New ADC” — in July new Administrative Delinquencies Code comes to power.